April 4, 2023

Technology will fundamentally reshape the legal profession.  As AI-based machine-learning applications proliferate in law firms, digital transformation brings significant innovations that can save lawyers considerable money and time and increase their accuracy and productivity, helping them win cases and improve client relationships.  More intelligent platforms allow you to gain a competitive edge, work more efficiently and get a better understanding of your target audience, including judges, juries, clients, opposing counsel, mediators and arbitrators.

AI and ChatGPT are no longer just buzzwords.  This cutting-edge technology contributes to more economical firm management.  Not only does AI save time, but it produces more accurate, higher-quality legal research, eDiscovery, litigation strategies, document drafting and management, risk assessment and predictive analytics for legal outcomes.  

This paradigm shift in the legal industry allows for labor-intensive tasks to be accomplished by AI while adding tremendous value and amplifying efficiencies and client growth.  In many cases, AI augments what humans do and frees them up to take on higher-level tasks such as advising clients, negotiating deals and appearing in court, mediations and arbitrations. 

Law firms that fail to capitalize on the power of AI will be unable to remain cost-competitive, losing clients and undermining their ability to attract and retain talent. As a result, Corless Law Group has created tools and services to assist fellow attorneys and other law firms in the following AI-related areas: 

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • ChatGPT
  • Apps
  • Matterport 3D technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Storage to organize huge amounts of complex data that can be used to make vital decisions
  • Tools that minimize risk using predictive coding and continuous active analysis in order to learn which documents matter most, and to mark the right time to act on a case

At Corless Law Group, we can provide leverageable technology to help you transform your legal practice, regardless of firm size, geographic location or practice area.  We will help you establish goals and maintain data quality, all while providing sound and savvy legal advice surrounding these new technologies.  

Call 813-258-4998 to see how our AI tools and services can assist you in streamlining your cases to lead to more success inside and outside the courtroom.  Used correctly, AI can generate both quantifiable and indirect benefits while maintaining a human touch.  From onboarding, tech support and best practices for implementation, Corless Law Group is your partner in this exciting new AI ecosystem to guide you through the intersection of law and technology.  

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