April 10, 2023

Hurricane season 2023 is bearing down on Florida.  It’s now less than 100 days from the official June 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season.  The National Hurricane Center chose this six-month period because it accounts for 97% of all Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes, according to NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division.  But remember, Mother Nature decides when hurricane season starts as there have been powerful storms prior to the official start date.  

Global warming is increasing the intensity and frequency of storms, and it’s capable of shifting wind patterns, which will further increase hurricane risk, steering hurricanes closer to the Gulf Coast and East Coast.  Climate change is creating stronger hurricanes that contain more moisture and rapidly intensify.  It only takes one storm for any region to have a record-breaking hurricane season. 

For example, Hurricane Ian left a path of destruction, from Naples and Fort Myers to Orlando and Daytona, leaving tens of thousands of residents with homes that are uninhabitable.  According to a NOAA report, the storm ranked as the costliest disaster in the U.S. for 2022 and racked up a total cost of $112.9 billion in damages.  Many insureds who were affected called Corless Law Group to receive adequate compensation.  We still have property owners reach out about Hurricane Ian claims and will continue to fight for their rights to coverage.

We work with numerous stakeholders, including engineers and claims adjusters, on Hurricane Ian cases.  We guide our clients through every step of the claims process.  You should be aware of your rights under your insurance policy because many policyholders who file claims may find that the compensation the insurance company proposes is less than adequate to cover replacement or repair costs.  

Victims of storms should consider seeking assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable property damage attorney.  Corless Law Group has successfully handled thousands of property damage cases involving hurricanes and severe storms.

Preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm before the season begins will ensure you have plenty of time to gather supplies and stock up on other resources while reviewing the details of your insurance policy.  If your home or business suffers damage, you will want to hire a seasoned Florida hurricane insurance claims attorney for assistance in recovering all of the money you are owed under your policy.

If you are a homeowner, business owner, Community Managed Association, or serve on the Board of your Homeowner’s Association, a property damage attorney can help you receive full and fair compensation in an insurance dispute.  We are your top storm damage attorneys serving insureds throughout the Sunshine State. 

Property owners may face resistance from insurance companies who are determined to deny or delay valid claims as well as minimize payments.  We have secured record-setting verdicts and settlements for Florida insureds who experienced property damage due to a hurricane or severe storm. 

Corless Law Group has a well-deserved reputation as dedicated advocates for policyholders. We offer free consultations and the sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can get started on your property damage claim.  Call us today at 813-258-4998

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