Insurance Disputes


Maximize your coverage after the Insurance Company delays, denies, or defends against paying your claim.

Team Corless Law Group works alongside leading subject matter experts to successfully recover hundreds of millions of dollars for insureds for property damage, life insurance, third-party liability coverage, and bad faith damages in the wake of improper adjustment and denials by insurance companies.  Whether you are the owner of a single-family residence, on the Board of Directors of your condo association, a public adjuster, or a property manager, our focused boutique approach sets the standard for success against the largest and most aggressive of insurers.

Hurricane Damage + Storm Damage


Hurricanes and other windstorms like tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, or "derecho" (an extreme and deadly windstorm) cause significant damage to human life and residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Property owners and property managers face resistance by insurance companies using their resources to delay, deny, and minimize their insureds’ claims.  For decades, Corless Law Group secures record-setting claim payments and verdicts for Florida’s homeowners, business owners, Boards of Directors for Community Managed and Homeowners’ Associations, Licensed Community Association Managers (“LCAMs”), and other clients of multi-unit dwellings that have experienced property damage due to a hurricane or other severe storm events.

Sinkhole Loss


The damages associated with sinkhole loss and sinkhole activity occur with regularity in Florida to residential, commercial, and industrial structures.  Ted Corless tried his first sinkhole case in front of a jury in Florida in 1999. Since then, he has become the leading subject matter lawyer addressing the proper identification of and structural repairs associated with this geological phenomenon.  Disputes arise regarding improper denials of these claims, as well as incomplete repairs attempted by insurers.  The Sinkhole Team at Corless Law Group brings unparalleled resources and expertise in the legal and scientific issues associated with Section 627.706, Florida Statutes, the legal basis for sinkhole loss coverage in Florida.  Working as a team, the professionals at Corless Law Group secure historic verdicts and large loss settlements to covered structures, often reported in the Tampa Bay Times, and the Miami Herald, among other publications.

Flooding Damage


Flooding can occur from excess rainfall or storm from a hurricane, ordinarily resulting in devastating property damage.  Damages by flood require our attorneys with experience battling the National Flood Insurance Program (“NFIP”). Corless Law Group is here to help victims of flooding get the compensation they deserve when flooding occurs.  Other water losses, either from burst pipes or water runoff from adjacent properties, involve a variety of complex legal issues and liability questions. These require a skilled lawyer, like those at Corless.

Fire and Smoke Damage


Fire losses are the most feared by most insureds due to their threat to both life and property. Still, they are unfortunately the most commonly litigated kind of insurance dispute between insureds and their insurers.  Insurance companies routinely undervalue the hidden costs of fire damage and the water damage associated with extinguishing the flames.  In addition to the structural damage to the perimeter and the roof trusses, fires damage heating and cooling systems, plumbing, concrete, and steel building materials caused by rising heat and pressure.  The costly damage caused by smoke, soot, and the high-pressured water used to fight the fire is often worse than the fire itself.  Plus, rather than pay what is owed for damage to personal property and other contents, many insurers seek to repair lost goods.  The Florida-based attorneys at Corless Law Group will investigate your case and consult with our team of insurance and engineering experts to determine the full value of your fire claim.

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