December 19, 2016

Electrical fires can be disastrous for your home or business. The most common causes of electrical fires can be easily prevented if you know how to spot them. Here are the most common reasons that electrical fires begin, causing serious property damage in Florida.

Avoid Property Damage in Florida from Electrical Fires

Bad Wiring

Your wiring is one of the main potential causes of electrical fires. If you have faulty wiring, you are at high risk for an electrical fire. Unless you are an electrician, it can be tough to tell whether your wiring is old or faulty. Look out for warning signs that your wiring may need updating. If your fuse blows frequently this is a sign that the wiring may need work. Or, if your lights dim when you are running the washer or other electronic devices, that is another sign. You can confirm faulty wiring by having an electrician come and inspect your wiring.

Light fixtures

Did you know that light fixtures are another common cause of electrical fires? It is important to pay attention to the recommended wattage for your light fixtures. Do not use a bulb that is over the maximum recommended bulb wattage.


Electric heaters can be very dangerous. Most people do not realize the dangers of owning an electric heater and not monitoring its use.  Make sure that if you use an electric floor heater, you keep a clear space around the heater.  Do not place wet clothing or shoes near the heater.  Always make sure that the heater is off before you leave the area.

External Wiring

Having damaged cords or frayed wiring outside of the walls also causes fires.  Don’t plug something in if the plug or cord looks old or frayed.  Also avoid plugging too many items into one power source.  An overcrowded power strip or extension cord can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are plugging multiple high-powered items into one power source.  

Faulty Switches

Just like light fixtures, power switches can become worn over time.  If your switches are loose or broken, they can easily become a source of sparks and flame.  Make sure you regularly replace light switches and keep an eye out for broken or loose fixtures.  
Electrical fires can be incredibly damaging and cause serious property damage in Florida.  Their unpredictability can make it seem like they come from nowhere.  Luckily, if you are vigilant and make it a point to have your wiring checked regularly, they are easily avoidable.