January 31, 2023

2022 proved lucrative for Tampa Bay real estate.  The 20 highest grossing real estate sales from Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties brought in a cumulative total of more than $2 billion, property records reveal.  Among the top transactions was a 390-unit apartment complex and a 13-acre beach resort.  Multi-family properties and commercial real estate are hot commodities in the Tampa Bay area but what happens when these multi-unit dwellings or commercial spaces experience property damage?  A Large Loss results, and that’s where we come in.  

Corless Law Group is the most powerful name in Large Loss property damage claims.  We provide legal solutions to large, complex losses which usually involve either multi-unit dwellings or massive, interconnected commercial spaces with several floors and buildings. These Large Losses tend to have compensation in the multi-million dollar range. 

For example, we secured a historic $12.7 million verdict against Citizens Property Insurance for sinkhole damage in Pinellas County on behalf of a condo association.  Built in the 1980s, Cloverplace is a duplex community in which 120 buildings (240 units) are home to about 500 people, including young families and retirees.  The figure of $12.7 million was the estimated amount it would take to stabilize 83 of the damaged units in Cloverplace.

Recognized as leaders in the field of property damage claims and high-stakes insurance disputes, Corless Law Group is a trial law firm committed to helping policyholders throughout Florida.  We are the go-to law firm representing large properties and Large Losses.  We utilize an aggressive, tenacious approach to help clients receive the compensation they deserve for various types of real estate damage and property loss. 

We represent owners of commercial and residential property, and we have a unique depth of resources and experience filing and litigating Large Loss claims.  Our legal services help insured’s address issues associated with Large Losses, including hurricane and storm claims, wind and tornado damage, fire damage, roof damage, water and mold damage, and sinkholes. 

If your commercial or residential property damage claim has been delayed, denied or underpaid, contact us at 813-258-4998 for a free, no-obligation consultation .  Our Large Loss law firm has helped individual homeowners, HOAs, Boards of Directors, and business owners secure more than $500 million in insurance coverage after property damage. Find out how our firsthand knowledge of Large Loss claims can significantly benefit you. 

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