November 29, 2016

In the twenty years that I’ve been an attorney, a lot of times I’ve had an opportunity to deal with people who had problems with damaging products that have either caused injuries to themselves or to other property that they own. I’m talking to you today about the Samsung Note 7 phone that was recently removed from the market by the manufacturer. It all really came to a head just recently when a Samsung Note 7 phone on a Southwest Airlines flight caught fire and forced the airplane to have and emergency landing. The problem with these phones is that when designed they weren’t properly developed and studied before they were put on the marketplace. There is so much pressure on manufacturers to get products to market before they can determine if they’re safe that many times, products like this Samsung Note 7 are introduced that may be dangerous without anyone’s knowledge. These phones are becoming more and more sophisticated with systems to maintain the batteries that are even more dangerous and more questionable. Well, if you’re the owner of a Samsung Note 7 phone, you have the ability now to return that phone and to find another phone with them or to go to another manufacturer. But if you’ve been involved in any kind of accident associated with it, you may very well have a claim against Samsung for the damages vs a products liability case. If you have any questions about the Samsung Note 7 or any other dangerous products, go to our website or give us a call.