December 1, 2016

People ask me what I do for a living. I tell them I sue insurance companies. Well, right now, the most important thing I’m getting phone calls about is Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew reached maximum winds of 160 miles per hour, which means it was a category 5 storm, that caused nearly seven billion dollars worth of property damage, and the lives of 1384 people. Right now, if you’ve been the victim of  damage caused by wind or water, there are definitely some dos and donts that you need to be aware of. Number one, do get a copy of your insurance policy. Most insurance policies have very strict rules about what deductibles you have to pay as well as what your responsibilities are as the home owner when you are damaged by a hurricane. Number two, inspect your property. You need to be looking for any indication that the building envelope, your home or your business has been damaged by impact caused by those winds that hit that building. Last, if you are the member of a home owners association, and on the board of directors, it is imperative that you inspect not only the properties of people that are  currently occupying them, but also people who were not necessarily there because they’re seasonal. If you have people that come down after January, people we commonly refer to as snowbirds, it’s imperative that you go into those units to assure that there has been no wind or water damage. This is my eighth hurricane. If you are looking for a lawyer who has experience in dealing with these matters, you can give us a call or go to our website at Be well.