January 17, 2020

G Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish activist, has become a global icon.  The teen is one of the most visible faces of the climate activism movement. She has a gift for articulating the seriousness of the climate crisis. 

L – Listen now because global warming does affect the development of sinkholes.  Corless Barfield Trial Group is a law firm focused on successfully litigating sinkhole and property damage claims. We have seen a rise in the frequency and severity of sinkholes. Global warming related to climate change has most definitely led to an increase in sinkhole collapse events in Florida over the past 50 years. 

O – Owners of homes and businesses should be aware of their rights when it comes to sinkhole damage. Sinkholes can cause major damage to buildings and personal property.  Corless Barfield Trial Group represents families and businesses in disputes with insurance companies throughout Florida. Call us now at 813-258-4998 for a free and confidential case evaluation. 

B – Begin to understand and learn about your home and property. Common signs of sinkhole damage include cracks both on the interior and exterior of the home or building, gaps between walls and floors or ceilings, difficulty closing windows and doors, yard slopes or depressions, trees or fence posts that tilt or fall, and cracks in driveways or pool decks. 

A – Alarming is an understatement when it comes to the climate crisis the world is experiencing. Sinkholes can often be deadly. This month, at least six people died and 16 others were injured after a massive sinkhole swallowed a bus picking up passengers in China. 

L – Law and activism are tools that can help stall or even reverse global warming.  Our law firm and team of lawyers can help you deal with the impacts caused by sinkhole damage. CBTG can document record-setting verdicts against the largest insurers, from discovery through verdict and appeals. To learn more about how we can help you with sinkhole losses, contact our law firm today at 813-258-4998.

W – Winning sinkhole lawyers do more than just file a claim. The attorneys at CBTG will help you evaluate your claim, provide guidance on how to file a sinkhole claim, help you make sound sinkhole repair decisions, retain and consult with expert geologists, geotechnical engineers and structural engineers, and litigate your claim (if necessary) through the appeal process.  

A – Arctic sinkholes are appearing due to climate change. While sinkhole events are usually associated with the Sunshine State as well as Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, they continue to pop up across the globe thanks to global warming. 

R – Rains are the perfect precursor to sinkhole activity. Soils are like sponges with a network of pores that allows water and air to freely enter and escape.  When it rains often and there is flooding, the water stays inside the sinkhole and typically drains into the subsurface. Rainfall and surface water percolate through joints in the limestone. The more it rains, the more sinkhole activity there is, and flooding is caused by global warming. 

M – Man-made sinkholes are becoming more and more frequent. Major floods and major droughts contribute to the formation of sinkholes.  Specifically, the main trigger for sinkholes is water – too much or even too little. A good chunk of Florida bedrock is made up of porous rocks such as limestone or sandstone, which can dissolve over time as they interact with acid naturally found in rainwater. 

I – Insurance companies often seek to delay, deny or underpay valid sinkhole claims.

N – Nature is warning us to do better and be better at protecting the planet. We don’t want sinkholes swallowing people or real estate. Sinkholes are caused naturally but they can be triggered by “water” events. Sinkholes can form due to heavy rainfall, tropical storms or hurricanes, a drought followed by heavy rainfall, and human activity like substantial pumping of groundwater.

G – Global warming and climate change has altered the frequency and intensity of many natural geohazards, including sinkholes. That is a fact. If you have experienced sinkhole activity or have questions about property damage and repairs, call Corless Barfield Trial Group, the sinkhole lawyers, at 813-258-4998. We don’t hide from the science – we run to it.