April 25, 2019

Men sometimes don’t realize how much “space” they occupy in the practice of law. They misguidedly own that space and guard it as if it were a battle in Game of Thrones.  Corless Barfield Trial Group is proud of the extraordinary female team we have assembled, all of whom have boundless authority, strength, and intelligence to try multi-million dollar cases and slay the day.

The reality is, there is a serious bias against female attorneys and women in general who work in law practices.  Not at Corless Barfield.  At our Tampa-based law firm, more than 80% of our staff is female and we have a woman who is a full partner in the practice.  Our female staff of lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, and assistants dominate and contribute to our sensational success.  Women ARE the inner circle at Corless Barfield Trial Group. 

“Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation,” explained Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A lot of other law firms reinforce gender stereotypes, normalizing them, and explicitly enforcing them during negotiations, mediations, and even at trial in front of judges and juries.  This is disheartening and it is a shame to see other law firms and lawyers put up a glass ceiling or even erect a concrete block.  White males especially must use their power to punch stereotypes and power inequality in the face. 

In 2016, for the first time, more women were admitted to law school than men.  In the courtroom, however, women remain a minority, particularly in the high-profile role of first chair at trial.  Sexism infects every kind of courtroom encounter, from pretrial motions to closing arguments.  Such reality means that we must eradicate gender bias not just from the practice of law, but from society as a whole.

At Corless Barfield Trial Group, we encourage all our lawyers and staff to be the person in the courtroom and in the office that everyone loves while being as capable and prepared as possible.  We actively promote gender equality and the leadership roles of women in all aspects of the legal profession.  We are forever committed to creating and fostering an environment which contributes to the development and success of women attorneys and staff while enhancing their visibility.  Our goal is to nurture and encourage a firm culture focused on the recruitment, development, promotion, and retention of qualified women attorneys and staff members.  Men of quality encourage women’s equality. This topic of women in the law will be an ongoing series covered in Corless Barfield Trial Group blogs and videos.  Join the conversation by sharing this article on your social media platforms.  Let’s encourage more lady bosses and women in the law because the future is female.