April 4, 2019

The past few years have been rough on hurricane-prone Florida. From Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Michael crushing the Sunshine State, it might seem like the pattern of Mother Nature’s destruction is never-ending. 

With only months to go until hurricane season, which starts June 1 and ends Nov. 30, it’s time to check preparation kits, plan evacuation routes, and familiarize yourself with your insurance policy.  Also, given the dynamic weather conditions in Florida, springtime hail storms damage property far more often than is reported.

Litigating Storm Damage Claims: Corless Barfield Trial Group attorneys have extensive experience successfully litigating hurricane damage insurance claims on behalf of homeowners, condo owners, and businessowners in Florida. We have handled claims involving the improper calculation of deductibles, living expenses, and cases where the insurance company simply refuses to pay the right amount.  Filing a hurricane or other wind insurance claims and battling the insurance company is our forte. Call us today at 813-258-4998 for a free consultation.

We successfully litigate storm damage claims involving the following: roof damage, toxic mold, foundation damage, loss of home, loss of business, wind damage, business interruption damage, personal property losses, and water damage. We assist our clients in all phases of their claim, from initial damage evaluation through litigation. Our Florida-based attorneys ensure that you receive full and fair compensation.

HOAs and CMAs: Corless Barfield Trial Group represents a broad spectrum of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) as well as “Community Management Associations” (CMAs) in Florida on their property damage claims.  The biggest concern raised recently by Licensed Community Association Managers, or “LCAMs” relates to the regular undervaluing of damages present at condominiums, which often impacts the decision on whether to file a claim or not.  It is common for Boards of volunteers for CMAs to make their own, well-intentioned evaluation of how bad the damage is, and whether they need to file a claim or not.  Many of these associations have large deductibles (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars), which often dissuades the filing of claims.

What most Boards are not aware of is that much of the damage caused by hurricanes or other wind claims like hail, cause damage latent to most lay persons.  If there has been a storm that had resulted in any demonstrable damages, the entire structure should be evaluated by an appropriate professional.  In our experience, the specific needs of an association require more expertise than should be expected of most Boards of Directors, or within the scope of an LCAM’s responsibilities. 

HOA and CMA policies are usually different from single-family dwellings.  It is important for homeowners and HOAs to understand exactly the type of insurance coverages and amounts their HOAs and CMAs have and what is covered. Corless Barfield Trial Group lawyers know the ins and outs of storm damage claims, including those that involve HOAs and CMAs.

Insurance 101: Insurance companies care about their own profits.  They habitually deny, delay or underpay claims. Insurance companies and their adjusters are not in the business of paying out claims. Generally, insurance company adjusters are trained to resolve claims for the smallest amount possible or deny them outright if they can claim that there is an exclusion under the policy. This pattern starts the moment you pick up the phone or report your claim. It is imperative that you have an attorney representing your interests as soon as possible.

Success: Recovery from these storms can be agonizing and economically exhausting, particularly when insurance companies fail to live up to their responsibilities to policyholders. Our firm represents clients in storm damage cases and other high stakes insurance coverage disputes throughout Florida. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Florida property damage attorney, call 813-258-4998.