January 8, 2019

At Corless Barfield Trial Group we receive many calls in which potential clients start the conversation by expressing, “I am not sure it’s time, but I am thinking about hiring you to help.” As a result, we’ve put together a list of more than 15 reasons why you should engage a lawyer on your property damage claim.  Be sure to call us at 877-517-5595 with questions and to schedule a free consultation.

You just got served with a lawsuit.

You found out that your claim was denied.

Your claim is taking much longer than you expected.

You are being asked to participate in an EUO.

You are being asked to give a recorded statement.

You are being asked to sign something, anything.

You are being asked to provide documents.

You just got a letter from a lawyer, who is working with your insurance company.

You are on the Board of Directors of a CMA, and there’s a dispute over whether to file a claim.

You are getting ready to change from one property insurance company to another.

You just got a notice that the insurer is terminating your insurance coverage.

Your house caught on fire.

Your house, your condo, or your business just flooded, enough that you had to leave it.

You are being asked to give a list of anything to the insurance company.

Your insurance company has taken longer than 60 days since you originally notified them of the damage, yet you lack a coverage decision.

Your insurance company just asked you to submit a Sworn Proof of Loss.