November 6, 2017

WHO: Are you involved in a dispute with your insurance company? Have you filed a valid claim, only to have the insurer unnecessarily delay payment, undervalue your claim or deny your claim outright?

Corless Barfield Trial Group attorneys are highly experienced in navigating the multifaceted area of insurance claim disputes and litigation involving auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and business insurance. We advise and represent insureds in complex insurance coverage matters at all stages of the claims process.

Property management law has always been a core practice area for Corless Barfield. Our firm’s lawyers have represented developers of multi-family and single-family residential communities; business and property owners; and financial institutions. We have counseled clients in the successful acquisition, financing, development, sale, and insurance disputes of all types of properties for residential and commercial use. We help guide clients through the full cycle of a property management insurance dispute claim. 

WHAT: When your insurance company fails to pay a claim, it can be grounds for a case against the insurance company to obtain the coverage you are entitled to, and, in appropriate cases, sue for bad faith, sanctions, attorney fees, and statutory damages under Florida law. If the insurance company denies valid claims or unreasonably delays payment, we may sue them for bad faith and obtain punitive damages in addition to the coverage you were originally owed.

Corless Barfield helps clients hold their insurance companies accountable. Our lawyers have decades’ worth of meaningful experience in property management lawsuits and are equipped to represent large and small residential and business property management companies, owners of single-family residences, multi-family complexes, and vacation properties.

We protect the interests of owners and property managers throughout the State of Florida. We provide strategic legal solutions. It can become necessary to secure professional legal representation when dealing with an issue of property management so that a lawyer can guide you through legal proceedings in order to give you a strong chance of a successful resolution.

WHEN: While you may have fulfilled your responsibilities by paying your premiums, your insurance company may fail to live up to its responsibilities by denying or delaying payment on your claim. Corless Barfield attorneys understand the many techniques that insurance companies use to minimize compensation and how to overcome their opposition. 

WHERE: Corless Barfield carefully investigates all aspects of your case, documenting the full extent of your losses and demonstrating that your claim is valid under the terms of the policy. Our goal is to maximize the insurance compensation you are entitled to receive for your case.

Often homeowners find that their insurance company is unwilling to pay valid claims or that the insurance company undervalues your loss, or will not agree to pay to have the problem fixed correctly. The duty of an insurance company is to provide fair and prompt reimbursement in the event of an accident, injury, or property damage yet some of these companies fail to do their job and pay legitimate claims. 

WHY: Corless Barfield attorneys are particularly experienced in evaluating whether an insured’s, or another party’s, contractual promises to provide insurance or indemnity are covered by insurance provisions or by additional insured endorsements. To schedule a free consultation with a Corless Barfield Trial Group attorney for delayed or denied insurance claims, please call 877-517-5595. Sign up today for our newsletter to receive commentary on the latest legal headlines.