October 13, 2016

Car accident consequences

Being involved in a car accident can affect several areas of your life; some of these effects may not be apparent immediately, and only add on to the stress and overwhelm of having to recover. If we think ahead of time of what car accident consequences we might be able to expect in the worst case scenario, we can prepare for the worst and hopefully make the road to recovery that much smoother.

Physical injuries

One of the most common car accident consequences is any physical injuries that one may incur. These injuries can range from whiplash and broken bones that can be resolved over time to paralyzation and permanent brain damage that can be impossible to heal and easily alter one’s life forever.

Physical injuries also tend to snowball into other difficulties – most of the difficulties listed below. These injuries may not appear for weeks or months after the accident itself, which is why we always recommend seeing a doctor after an accident even if you don’t feel injured.


Of course, if you’ve been in a car accident and your car has been damaged, your freedom of mobility may be greatly impacted. If you do not have a vehicle, you cannot get around as easily; this may mean becoming less reliable at work, having trouble getting to the store, or being unable to accomplish daily or situational tasks. This one of the most commonly underestimated car accident consequences.

While there are workarounds – like having a friend or loved one help you around, using a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft, or using the bus – no longer owning a car can still throw a wrench in your lifestyle. If you are unable to find friends available at your beck and call to drive you around, ride-share services are too expensive, or public transportation does not go where you need to go, you’re still right back where you started.


The effect a car accident has on your financial health is much like your physical health: it would be silly to assume it you will not experience any change. For example, taking care of any resulting physical ailments can hit you hard in the wallet, especially if you’re uninsured. Repairing your vehicle can easily be costly, and if the vehicle is beyond repair, purchasing a new one is even more costly.

Being forced to spend time away from work – whether due to physical injuries, mental health, or a shift in mobility – means your paycheck will take a hit. If you need to file a claim with your car insurance company, your car insurance premium will rise as well, costs that will hurt in the long term.

Mental health

These are all minor effects compared to the very serious impact a car accident could have on your life. One major concern after a serious accident is mental well-being. Mentally, serious accidents can be traumatizing, and cause many victims to suffer lasting effects. While it’s completely normal for a driver to have a hard time getting back behind the wheel after an accident, many drivers also suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can effect one’s left for years to come.  


Unfortunately for many, lawsuits can come from many sides of the car accident equation. You may face the wrath of a disgruntled driver, for example, who may believe you owe them something, and thus be expected to appear in court to defend yourself.

More common, however, are those drivers who have to work hard to force their car insurance company to pay what they’re entitled to. Many insurance companies will attempt to low-ball or drag out their claims, knowing full well the level of stress you are dealing with, and betting on your need for money, car repairs, or doctor checkups to force you to accept less than what you really deserve.

At Corless Barfield, we’ve dedicated our practice and careers to helping you alleviate some of the potential consequences from a serious car accident in Tampa.  In our field, we see accidents change lives, and people don’t know where to start to get their lives back in a positive direction.  Our attorneys can help advise you if you’ve been in a serious car accident. Contact us for a free consultation.