June 7, 2016

Today’s video is about learning how to share the road responsibly with motorcycles.

Learning to Share the Road with Motorcycles

Think about how long motorcycles have been a part of American culture. Harley Davidson sold its first motorcycle in 1903. Now think about that: that’s before World War I, before World War II, before really the modern technological era where now we have smartphones. We have computers that can do amazing things without us even participating. We now have electric automobiles. We have automobiles that are moved by solar. Motorcycles have grown in the exact same way. The best way to describe how riding a motorcycle feels is that four wheels move a body, two wheels move the soul. Last year, more than 7,500 people were injured during motorcycle accidents. And about five percent of those, about 350, resulted in actual fatalities of the driver of the motorcycle. And why is that happening? Well most of the time it’s happening because people driving automobiles are not looking for motorcycles, but they should be. Motorcycles are an integral part, not only of the people who live here, but in our culture. And it’s something that people are so excited about that they forget just how dangerous they can be. The biggest problem with motorcycle accidents is that there really isn’t a small one. If someone’s involved in a motorcycle accident, it usually means there’s a very serious injury. People use different kinds of safety gear to protect themselves, a lot of it very modern involving materials you can wear as a jacket or helmets that are a lot more comfortable. But we are a state that does not require motorcycle helmets, although a lot of people do wear them. I invite you to take a look twice every time you turn, looking not only for automobiles, but also for motorcycles so that they can drive safely and share the road with the rest of us and our automobiles. Good luck on your motorcycle. Reading insurance policies can be very complicated and frustrating. If you need help with your insurance claim or just understanding your insurance coverage, please visit our website at www.CorlessBarfield.com or give us a call. You take care of your family, and we’ll take care of the insurance company.