March 28, 2022

Not all lawyers are trial lawyers, but all policyholders should hire a trial lawyer if they’ve experienced property damage or have a dispute with their insurance company. Sure, there are a lot of “litigators” who shoot commercials leaving court to portray a sense of familiarity with trial work. But policyholders benefit from hiring a real trial lawyer because litigation experience better protects their insurance, property and business interests. Our team’s battle-ready approach to seeking legal solutions through the courts has helped us recover more than $500 million for clients.

Trial lawyers have a unique set of skills, knowledge and proficiency, and are at a tactical advantage against non-trial lawyers. At Corless Law Group, we don’t just anticipate a jury trial, we expect it from Day One. With valuable assets at stake like your home and business property, hiring an experienced trial lawyer shows you are ready to go the distance to protect your interests if an insurer attempts to delay, deny or underpay your claim. We have secured record-setting results in the most complex property disputes, and the reason is always the same: Like athletes, we win because we prepare, prepare again and then prepare some more.

Corless Law Group consistently demonstrates a high level of courtroom prowess and acumen. We have a special training in advocacy beyond the standard experience of every lawyer. The trial lawyers at Corless Law Group anticipate – from the filing of the case through the discovery phase – what challenges will be faced at the ultimate trial and we are equipped to minimize those challenges.

We offer innovative problem-solving for a wide range of insurance disputes, property damage claims and bad faith cases. We have tried more punitive damage cases than many other lawyers have tried slip-and-fall cases or rear-end collisions. Our familiarity with burdens of proof, evidentiary rules and judicial requirements sets us apart and gives the policyholder the best chance at a favorable outcome. After the claim is filed, if you look close enough you know what to hunt for, and it is in those early stages where the most important details are born before your very eyes.

A trial attorney is a specific breed of barrister. Trial work requires a specific set of skills, training and advanced education, which is learned in school and then polished over decades until the lawyer turns the rules of evidence into muscle memory.

While approximately 90% of cases settle outside of court, many non-trial attorneys fail to prepare adequately for trial under the expectation that their cases will resolve themselves. In fact, property damage claims are the most common types of cases tried to verdict, likely due to the amount of money involved. The bigger the dispute, the more money insurers can justify fighting their insureds over what they owe. Frequently, if the insurer can slow the litigation process, they think the property owner and their lawyers will lose steam. Not on my watch. Corless Law Group is always prepared to go to court.

As of this writing, Corless Law Group is preparing for not one, but two multi-million dollar trials, between now and June 1. I have a history of winning high-value, Large Loss insurance disputes in the courtroom. I handle most trials in the First Chair (lead attorney) position, which is not an experience or skill that many trial lawyers possess. I also surround myself with experts during trial preparation, such as professional engineers, forensic accountants, graphic designers, video editors, data analysts and technologists.

With 25+ years of trial experience under my belt in state and federal court throughout multiple jurisdictions, I am at home in a courtroom fighting for the rights of my clients. Many times, like a sports team, I am recruited by clients as well as other law firms to bring my perspective to the matter at hand.

My goal is to seek full and fair compensation while advocating for justice, which means holding insurance companies accountable. Contact Corless Law Group at 813-258-4998 if you’ve experienced property damage and your insurer is attempting to delay, deny or underpay your valid claim. Let’s get ‘em.

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