December 13, 2021

As an elite, boutique law firm focused on securing maximum compensation for clients involved in complex property damage disputes, we are regularly retained by other law firms to provide high-value functions for first party insurance losses in the area of bad faith and punitive damages.  There’s a sea change happening at law firms.  Both Big Law and solo practitioners are outsourcing legal work at breakneck speed.  The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this trend with the result being big rewards.  More firms are moving departments outside the firm entirely.  Outsourcing can save law firms millions of dollars in the long run and significantly streamline specialized work. 

The greater the complexity of the loss, the more frequent collaboration and sharing of resources is essential.  Lawyers who seek expertise in cases that compel punitive damages stemming from property insurance disputes should not hesitate to contact us at 813-258-4998.  Our seasoned, skillful insurance lawyers will show you why you need a trial lawyer who can successfully litigate these unique claims.  

A lot of firms can’t produce the same type of quality results when it comes to securing the permission required by the courts to sue insurers for punitive damages when they engage in bad faith practices.  As a result, these firms outsource or co-source the niche work related to litigating bad faith insurance disputes.  It is the best of both worlds.  Our goal is to provide seamless and efficient legal support services so other law firms can focus on their core legal activities.

Trials are fundamental to the administration of justice.  But not every lawyer is a trial lawyer, and not every trial lawyer has experience litigating bad faith cases or getting permission from the courts to sue insurers for lucrative punitive damages.  Repetitive conduct of forcing insureds into discounting or delaying claims by insureds can be challenging to collect and understand.  Examining the conduct of an insurer in multiple jurisdictions over years or even decades requires a strategy.  Many times, a case justifies hiring a data analyst who can gain access to behind-the-scenes activity by an insurer in the public record or through appropriately targeted Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) requests.  Only then can you demonstrate the necessary foundation to permit the court to allow you to seek punitive damages against an insurer, under Section 624.155, Florida Statutes, better known as the Florida’s Bad Faith Statute.

This synergistic model allows attorneys to outsource their work to external vendors like us who have subject matter expertise in a particular area of law.  It has become a popular concept for lawyers who are constantly trying to minimize their operating cost and maximize outside counsel’s competencies, putting their track record of success to the best use. 

Think of outsourcing as co-sourcing your legal services.  It is a collaborative process to increase profitability and maximize compensation and damages for the client. When other law firms hire us, they get more experience, better service, better quality, and their bad faith and punitive damage case’s value increases exponentially.  

With more than $500 million achieved in case results, Corless Barfield Trial Group can walk you through successes involving bad faith claims, insurance disputes, and punitive damages.  Turn to a trial lawyer who has the experience investigating and litigating these types of cases.  If you’re ready to speak to a member of our team, we encourage you to call us at 813-258-4998.  We look forward to assisting you. 

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