July 7, 2021

The full extent of Tropical Storm Elsa’s damage and destruction is not yet known.  However, of this we are certain:  Florida storms are capable of destroying homes, businesses, and communities in a matter of seconds. 

Tropical Storm Elsa has lashed the Sunshine State with heavy winds and unrelenting rain bands.  Elsa battered western Florida as it approached landfall along the northern Gulf Coast, threatening coastal flooding, wind damage, and power outages across the state.  Elsa’s center, with sustained winds of 65 mph, made landfall Wednesday morning in Taylor County, Florida.

From Tampa to Tallahassee, Key West to Cedar Key, Sarasota to Ocala, and Jacksonville to Gainesville, Elsa’s strong winds and heavy rains could topple trees and power lines in a region that’s already saturated.  The torrential rains associated with Elsa can cause flooding and substantial water damage to the foundations, exterior structures, and the interior areas of homes.

Once you have secured you and your family’s safety after a storm, one of the next steps is filing a claim for damages with your insurance company.  Homeowners insurance may cover some types of storm damage, including flood damage and wind damage, but it is important for a lawyer to look over the specific details of your policy to help guide you and advise you.   

Although policyholders loyally pay for insurance, the insurance company looks for reasons to pay out as little money as possible, delay or deny valid claims following a storm.  Insurers habitually display bad faith behavior and try to take advantage of policyholders.  

Insurance bad faith is something that every policyholder should be aware of.  It exists when an insurance company fails to honor the fair claim of the insured party or unlawfully mishandles a claim.  If you believe that you are a victim of insurance bad faith on your homeowner policy, our storm damage insurance lawyers can help.  We right the wrongs of the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.  Our lawyers successfully litigate bad faith insurance claims.

Leverage the experience and power of our storm damage lawyers.  If your Florida home or business has been damaged because of physical damage, power outages, or loss of business, we can help you navigate your insurance coverage. 

Corless Barfield Trial Group takes on the big insurance companies to get our clients every cent owed to them under their policies.  We have successfully helped insureds seek compensation for repair, replacement, and relocation costs after storm damage.  If you are having difficulty with your insurance company after a natural disaster, call us at 813-258-4998 or email service@corlessbarfield.com.  

With over $500 million recovered for policyholders, allow us to walk you through our case studies involving tropical storm damage and hurricane damage.  Our Tampa-based lawyers serve all of Florida, and aggressively fight to protect the rights of policyholders.  We know how to deal with homeowners’ storm damage claims and Large Loss insurance claims involving multi-unit dwellings, buildings, and businesses.  Securing coverage and maximizing compensation is our firm’s goal for each and every client.  Contact us for a free consultation at 813-258-4998.  

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