June 14, 2021

Concerned about the recent droughts, wildfires, and lack of rainfall in Florida?  Suffering a property loss after a fire?  What should you do if your insurance company delays or denies your fire and smoke damage claim?  How does a fire damage insurance disputes lawyer help policyholders?  

With over $500 million worth of case results, allow us to walk you through our case studies involving fire damage.  We have successfully helped insureds seek compensation for repair, replacement, and relocation costs in the wake of a fire.  If you believe your insurance company wrongfully denied, delayed or undervalued your claim, contact us for a free consultation at 813-258-4998.  

Traditionally, beginning June 1, our property damage law firm publishes truckloads of information on hurricane season.  This year, we will continue to do so as well as bring you news and guidance on the major drought affecting the Sunshine State, with abnormally dry conditions and big deficits in rainfall leading to an increased frequency and intensity of fire damage.  But, as you can see from a recent New York Times article on drought conditions in the West, this year is especially bad compared to previous dry spells.

Most areas in Florida, from Panama City to Plantation, Orlando to Ocala, and Tampa to Tallahassee are vulnerable to brush or grass fires.  With humidity down and wind levels high, a 125-acre brush fire in the Lithia area of Hillsborough County recently threatened power lines and nearby homes.  Officials said the fire was contained but crews remained on the scene to monitor for hot spots and flare-ups.  When larger fires like this occur, the insurance coverage issues get thornier and require a better plan for coverage.

Few things can devastate a home or business worse than fire.  Fires can cause minor to major damage by way of flames, smoke, soot, as well as materials used to put out the flames, such as water and other chemicals.  Simple actions, such as tossing a cigarette, having a barbecue, or enjoying an outdoor fire pit can start a fire that can result in a serious threat to life and property.

Our knowledgeable fire damage insurance disputes lawyers can make a real difference in your ability to rebuild after a catastrophic event like a fire.  Many insurers lack a fundamental understanding of the synergy between the fire, its smoke, and the water necessary to extinguish it.  Our trial lawyers aggressively fight to protect the rights of Florida policyholders while seeking maximum compensation for any damage.  We know how to deal with homeowners’ fire damage claims and Large Loss insurance claims involving multiple unit dwellings and buildings. 

You need a fire damage lawyer on your side since insurance companies will try to settle for less than you deserve or delay payment and even deny valid fire damage claims.  Securing coverage and maximizing compensation is our firm’s goal for each and every client.  Our insurance recovery lawyers can help you by determining your eligibility for legal recourse and investigating your claim for evidence of unlawful mishandling by your insurer, also known as bad faith.

Whether your home or business was completely destroyed by a fire or only partially damaged, Corless Barfield Trial Group will investigate your case, and consult with our team of insurance and engineering experts, to determine the full value of your claim. We will fight for you in court to obtain the money that you deserve.

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