October 7, 2019

Trial work is creative. It is a form of heightened theater where you get to know the characters and help your client tell judges and juries their story. There is nothing like having a jury nod in agreement and learn from a verdict that the jury found favor with your arguments.

Trial work is not easy, and a lot of lawyers claim to do it but they either have little to no experience trying cases or they are not very good at it. Real trial lawyers go to trial often and win. For a free consultation on your Florida property damage claim, contact Corless Barfield Trial Group today at 813-258-4998.

Corless Barfield Trial Group has handled hundreds of property damage cases and collected hundreds of millions of dollars for insureds. We are a high stakes trial law firm and outperform other law firms through our tenacity, experience, and preparation.

Some lawyers live in libraries or conference rooms with stacks of paper, arguing over terms and conditions, and some get hired on cases where they may need to go to trial. We take cases where we believe we can recover what the client is due, and trial must be inevitable. Otherwise, insurance companies will deny or underpay what they owe.

Most lawyers go to trial because they have to; our lawyers go to court because that’s what we do. Through our experience managing major investigations, working as jury consultants and with focus groups, and using enhanced technologies in the courtroom, we have a track record of success litigating complex, high stakes insurance disputes.

Our successes and record-setting verdicts are well-documented in the media. CBTG is composed of highly skilled trial lawyers, whose clients are not just insureds but other law firms whose clients now require the experience we can provide as co-counsel.

We pride ourselves on mastering the following skills that we believe greatly contribute to our excellent courtroom success:

  • Experience
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Organization
  • Polished Performances
  • Teamwork

In trial, success comes from experience, and as a client of ours, you’ll have the experience of attorneys who have tried more than 100 jury cases. We know the ins and outs of jury selection, how to convey complex information to a jury, and how to persuade a jury by telling your story in a way that resonates with jurors from all walks of life.

We have found that what it takes to win big ticket property damage cases is unsurpassed storytelling skills, gritty determination, slavish preparation, refined listening skills, good judgment, and expert cross-examination. There is no substitute for trial experience when it comes to your case. Choose wisely. If you want to play in the Big Leagues, you need a Big League law firm.

Corless Barfield Trial Group represents Florida property owners in their insurance disputes, which include hurricane damage, storm damage, wind damage, sinkholes, catastrophic ground cover collapse, fire loss, and water damage.

As damages can cost thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars, you need a property damage litigator who can fight back and win at trial since insurers regularly seek to delay, deny or underpay insurance claims.

Call Corless Barfield Trial Group today at 813-258-4998 to put our trial experience to good use for you. We provide trial services from the very start of litigation through appeal where necessary. Learn more at www.corlessbarfield.com and call us for a free consultation on your property damage insurance claim.