July 30, 2019

Living in Florida comes with many benefits such as warm temperatures, access to beautiful beaches, and year-round outdoor activities. Yet Florida is also known for its destructive hurricane season that has the potential to wreck property and cause serious damage, which can have negative impacts long after the storm has passed.  Adding to a property owner’s stress is when an insurer delays, denies or underpays a legitimate claim for property damage. 

An experienced Florida hurricane lawyer can help resolve your insurance coverage claim.  Property owners, property managers, HOAs, Community Management Associations, and Licensed Community Association Managers don’t have to fight insurers alone for compensation stemming from storm damage.

The nationally recognized law firm of Corless Barfield Trial Group has built a tradition of success and a strong reputation for favorable results to ensure property damage claim interests are protected.  We are able to provide the resources needed to navigate the insurance claims process for Florida clients. Contact Corless Barfield Trial Group today at 813-258-4998 for a free consultation regarding your insurance policy for property damage caused by any of the following:

✓ Hurricanes

✓ Tropical Storms

✓ Flooding

✓ Winds

✓ Hail

✓ Impact Damage

✓ Lightning

Did you suffer property damage in a storm?  Is your insurance company offering you less than you need to repair the damage, or are they denying your claim entirely?

Our law firm provides skilled and knowledgeable attorney representation to homeowners, businesses, and condominium owners and associations throughout Florida who have suffered property damage due to hurricanes or tropical storms.  

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your property is to know your rights. Insurance companies in Florida use a number of different tactics to deny and delay payment for storm-related damage.  What are the pitfalls you should look for? Insurance companies attempt to dispute coverage for storm damage claims because …

  1. damage was allegedly pre-existing 
  2. damage was caused by flood or wind not covered under the policy 
  3. failure to mitigate
  4. damage was not reported immediately.

Insurers may sometimes provide only a portion of the coverage you need for your property damage and fail to acknowledge the severity of the actual damage with its associated costs for repair or replacement. As a result, if your residence or business has suffered storm damage, it is best to have an attorney representing your rights and interests. 

Corless Barfield handles hundreds of cases for insureds who are in need of advice or representation against insurance companies after storm damage. We’re ready to investigate your claim, gather evidence to support your position, and help you achieve the best possible outcome at trial.

As dedicated trial lawyers who have more than 20 years of experience with hurricane and property damage insurance claims, the attorneys at Corless Barfield Trial Group are ready to fight for your rights. Receive a case evaluation on your hurricane or property damage claim from the attorneys at Corless Barfield by calling 813-258-4998.