July 16, 2018

Being on the Board of Directors for a Community Managed Association, a Homeowner’s Association, or any other kind of multi-unit dwelling in Florida means making decisions about insurance coverage or how to handle an insurance dispute for multiple units. It may be one of most significant things you will ever be asked to examine. Call Corless Barfield Trial Group today at (877) 517-5595 or locally at 813-258-4998.

The Bigger They Are, the Harder You May Fall.  Not all insurance claims are created equal, nor are they all alike.  Having an insurance claim for a single family home can be a full time job.  Having an insurance claim when you are examining twelve buildings or more requires an army of experience in insurance law and engineering.  The bigger the claim is, the bigger the risks associated with how to effectively represent the interests of all the owners and protect your Association against troublesome owners who seek to trip you up along the way for their own reasons.

Complications with insurance claims can be further compounded if the damage extends to more than one – or even all – units in a complex.  The skilled property insurance attorneys at Corless Barfield can help you make sure that your rights are protected and your interests prioritized in the event of a property damage claim.

A Team of Professionals Who Have Been Where You Are.  Corless Barfield leads the pack: Our attorneys have represented Community Managed Associations involving some of the largest insurance losses in Florida history.

Whether you are facing property damage due to a fire, hurricane, vandalism, sinkhole or other natural or manmade disaster, you need a law firm that can document success, both in the strategic and tactical approach to protecting your members’ financial interests.  Regardless of whether you believe your insurance company is honoring the terms of your insurance policy, you need the perspective of experience on matters involving insurance claims.

If you are a member of a Community Managed Association, Homeowners Association, or one of the Board of Directors of your Association, you may not be familiar with the complex laws surrounding insurance claims and property damage disputes in a condominium, apartment, townhome, high-rise or other similar setting. We can help you recover your rightful compensation in damage claims and/or help you resolve insurance disputes.

Insurance Ninjas. Corless Barfield represents diverse clients ranging from low-rise townhomes and large high-rise towers to golf, beachfront, and country club communities as well as expansive master HOAs.  You shouldn’t have to contend with your insurance company while also cleaning up the aftermath of your damaged property and having a different attorney work on your case through every stage of litigation. Our lawyers will keep you personally involved.

If you have questions about an insurance claim or coverage under an insurance policy we can answer those for you and provide you with the skilled representation you need to protect your rights under the policy and achieve results. We work in close partnership with HOA Board of Directors and their Community Management professionals to address their legal needs in the most effective ways possible.

If your home, commercial property, apartment complex or business has suffered damage call or contact an experienced trial lawyer today. Call Corless Barfield Trial Group toll-free at (877) 517-5595 or locally at 813-258-4998 to learn more.